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Is your existing ABB/Bailey or Invensys/Foxboro DCS(Distributed Control System) now considered obsolete, classic, or in a legacy phase?

Have your Net90, INFI90, Symphony, or I/A DCS parts been removed from support, or now exorbitantly priced from the original manufacturer?

Are you unable to justify or cannot afford replacing or ‘migrating’ your existing system?

If so, you have a choice. Process & Machinery Control provides cost-effective replacement and repair of hard-to-find DCS parts. Extend your DCS life while reducing your lifecycle costs. PMC has been protecting our customers’ DCS investments for over 15 years. Click here to learn more…

Process and Machinery Control(PMC) is a leading supplier of quality unused, surplus, and refurbished DCS components and accessories. In addition, PMC provides fast reliable repair and exchange services for our customers in need.  Let us help you repair or replace any Bailey DCS Net90/INFI90 modules or Foxboro I/A FBM field bus modules.

Are you looking to sell decommissioned ABB/Bailey or Foxboro I/A equipment?

Process & Machinery Control continually purchases decommissioned DCS equipment.  Do you have a system or parts no longer viable in your production process?  Please contact Process & Machinery Control to get the best value out of your decommissioned equipment.